Anti-static PLCC IC extractor

Anti-static PLCC IC extractor

Anti-static PLCC IC extractor
Anti-static PLCC IC extractor
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Anti-static PLCC I.C. extractor

¡ Square IC extractor 
   This spring-assisted chip extraction
   tool is specially designed for the
   safe removal of PLCC form
   sockets without damage to 
   Hardened steel tongs. Inserted at
   the socket comers lift carriers with 
   a simple squeeze of the tool grips.


The anti-static PLCC IC extractor is a reliable and efficient tool used for safely removing PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) integrated circuits (ICs) from their sockets. Designed with precision and protection in mind, this extractor ensures the safe extraction of PLCC ICs without causing any damage to the components.

Featuring a square shape, the IC extractor is equipped with spring assistance, allowing for easy and controlled extraction of PLCC ICs. Its design incorporates hardened steel tongs that securely grip the corners of the IC carrier. With a simple squeeze of the tool grips, the tongs lift the carrier, detaching the PLCC IC from its socket.

The primary advantage of using the anti-static PLCC IC extractor is its ability to prevent damage to the delicate components during the extraction process. PLCC ICs are commonly used in various electronic devices and often require removal or replacement for maintenance or repair purposes. Mishandling or improper extraction can lead to bent pins, electrical damage, or even complete IC failure. However, with the use of this extractor, professionals and enthusiasts can confidently and safely remove PLCC ICs without causing any harm.

Furthermore, the anti-static feature of the IC extractor is essential in preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD) that could potentially damage the ICs. Electrostatic charges can accumulate on the surface of electronic components, and when discharged, they can cause irreparable harm. The anti-static properties of the extractor ensure that any static charges are safely dissipated, protecting the integrity and functionality of the PLCC ICs.

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