Anti-static spare parts tube

Anti-static spare parts tube

Anti-static spare parts tube
Anti-static spare parts tube
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¡ Anti-static spare parts tube.
¡ OAL:132mm.


The anti-static spare parts tube is a useful accessory designed to provide secure storage and protection for small electronic components and spare parts. Measuring at an overall length of 132mm, this tube offers a compact and portable solution for organizing and transporting various electronic items.

With its anti-static properties, the spare parts tube ensures that sensitive electronic components are shielded from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Electrostatic charges can accumulate on surfaces and, when discharged, pose a risk of damaging electronic parts. The anti-static material of the tube helps dissipate these charges, minimizing the potential for ESD-related damage and preserving the integrity of the stored components.

The tube is designed to accommodate a wide range of spare parts, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, and other small electronic components. Its compact size makes it convenient for storing and transporting these parts safely, whether it's for professional technicians working in the field or hobbyists working on personal projects.

The anti-static spare parts tube is a valuable tool for anyone involved in electronics assembly, repair, or experimentation. Its anti-static feature provides peace of mind by reducing the risk of damage to delicate components, ensuring their functionality and reliability. By keeping spare parts organized and protected, the tube contributes to an efficient workflow and helps maintain an orderly work environment.

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