Fiber Optic Stripping Tool

Fiber Optic Stripping Tool

Fiber Optic Stripping Tool
Fiber Optic Stripping Tool
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Model No Stripping size
  CJ3422  3.6" stripper for glass fiber optic Ø0.254mm (0.010") &
 0.3mm (0.0125")
  CJ3422A  3.6" stripper for plastic fiber optic Ø0.023mm (0.040")



The Fiber Optic Stripping Tool is a specialized instrument designed for precision and efficiency in working with fiber optic cables. It comes in two models, CJ3422 and CJ3422A, each tailored for specific stripping sizes and types of fiber optic cables.

The CJ3422 model is a 3.6" stripper specifically designed for glass fiber optic cables. It enables precise stripping of cables with diameters of Ø0.254mm (0.010") and 0.3mm (0.0125"). With this tool, you can carefully remove the outer layers of insulation, allowing access to the delicate glass fibers inside.

On the other hand, the CJ3422A model is also a 3.6" stripper, but it is intended for plastic fiber optic cables. It is specifically designed to strip cables with a diameter of Ø0.023mm (0.040"). This tool enables you to perform accurate and clean stripping of plastic fiber optic cables, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Both models of the Fiber Optic Stripping Tool are engineered with precision and ease of use in mind. They feature ergonomic designs and intuitive functionality, enabling users to achieve efficient and reliable results in their fiber optic cable preparations.

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