11 Pcs ratchet driver set

11 Pcs ratchet driver set

11 Pcs ratchet driver set
11 Pcs ratchet driver set
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SY-E2013 11 Pcs ratchet driver set
• 1 Pcs Reversible handle.
• 5 Pcs Torque: T10, T15, T20.
• 2 Pcs Phillips: #0, #1, #2.
• 2 Pcs Flat: 3, 5, 6mm.
• 1 Pcs Adapter for socket.


When it comes to tackling various tasks that involve tightening or loosening screws, having a reliable and versatile tool is essential. The SY-E2013 11 Pcs Ratchet Driver Set offers the perfect solution with its comprehensive set of ratchet drivers.

This set includes a range of tools designed to meet your needs. It features a reversible handle that allows for easy switching between tightening and loosening screws. With five torque drivers ranging from T10 to T20, you'll have the flexibility to handle screws of different sizes and types.

The SY-E2013 set also includes two Phillips head drivers (#0 and #1) and two flat head drivers (3mm, 5mm, and 6mm). This ensures that you have the right tool for various screw types and sizes, whether you're working on electronics, furniture, or other projects.

To further enhance its versatility, the set includes an adapter for sockets. This allows you to use the ratchet drivers with different socket sizes, expanding the range of tasks you can tackle with this set.

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