11 Pcs ratchet driver set

11 Pcs ratchet driver set

11 Pcs ratchet driver set
11 Pcs ratchet driver set
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SY-E2014 11 Pcs ratchet driver set
• 1 Pcs Reversible handle.
• 5 Pcs Torque: T10, T15, T20.
• 2 Pcs Phillips: #0, #1, #2.
• 2 Pcs Flat: 3, 5, 6mm.
• 1 Pcs Adapter for socket.


A well-equipped toolbox is essential for any DIY enthusiast or professional tradesperson. The SY-E2014 11 Pcs Ratchet Driver Set is designed to provide you with a versatile and reliable toolset for various projects.

This set includes an array of tools that cover a wide range of screw-driving needs. The reversible handle allows for easy and convenient switching between tightening and loosening screws. With five torque drivers, ranging from T10 to T20, you'll have the necessary tools to handle screws of different sizes and types.

In addition to the torque drivers, the SY-E2014 set features two Phillips head drivers (#0, #1, and #2) and two flat head drivers (3mm, 5mm, and 6mm). This comprehensive selection ensures that you have the right driver for various screw types and sizes, making it suitable for electronics, furniture assembly, and other projects.

To further expand its functionality, the set also includes an adapter for sockets. This allows you to utilize the ratchet drivers with different socket sizes, providing even more flexibility and convenience.

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