8 Pcs Precision Screwdriver Set

8 Pcs Precision Screwdriver Set

8 Pcs Precision Screwdriver Set
8 Pcs Precision Screwdriver Set
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SY-F9202 (8 PCS)
• 3 PCS y 2.0, 2.4, 3.0 x 50(mm)
• 3 PCS Å # 00, # 0, # 1 x 50(mm)
• 2 PCS TORQUE DRIVER: T8, T10 x 50(mm)


The SY-F9202 (8 PCS) Precision Screwdriver Set is a must-have tool kit for anyone who values precision and accuracy in their work. Designed for delicate and intricate tasks, this set offers a comprehensive range of screwdrivers that will meet the needs of professionals and hobbyists alike.

Featuring three different sizes of y-type screwdrivers (2.0, 2.4, and 3.0 x 50mm), the SY-F9202 set ensures you have the perfect tool for handling small screws commonly found in electronic devices. Whether you're working on circuit boards, laptops, or other intricate equipment, these screwdrivers provide the necessary grip and control to handle delicate components with ease.

The set also includes three sizes of Å-type screwdrivers (#00, #0, and #1 x 50mm), which are ideal for a wide range of precision tasks. From assembling or disassembling small appliances to working on jewelry or watches, these screwdrivers offer the accuracy and finesse needed for intricate work. With their carefully designed tips, they fit securely into screws, minimizing the risk of slippage and damage.

Completing the SY-F9202 (8 PCS) Precision Screwdriver Set are two torque drivers (T8 and T10 x 50mm). These drivers are specifically designed for screws that require higher torque to loosen or tighten. Whether you're working on mechanical devices or adjusting parts that require a more substantial grip, these torque drivers provide the necessary strength and control to handle such tasks with confidence.

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