F Connector Removal Tool

F Connector Removal Tool

F Connector Removal Tool
F Connector Removal Tool
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F Connector Removal Tool
¡ For security system use.
¡ Remove F connectors in high density 
   or hard-to-reach locations.

     Model no    Blade length
     CF8101-03    3"
     CF8101-06    6"
     CF8101-12    12"


The CF8101 F Connector Removal Tool is a valuable addition to your toolkit, especially when working with security systems. This tool is specifically designed to remove F connectors in high-density or hard-to-reach locations, where traditional methods may prove challenging.

The CF8101 comes in three different models, each varying in blade length to cater to different needs. The CF8101-03 features a 3-inch blade, perfect for situations that require precision and a compact tool size. If you're working in slightly larger spaces, the CF8101-06 with its 6-inch blade offers extended reach and maneuverability. For those tackling demanding projects in larger areas, the CF8101-12 with its 12-inch blade provides the necessary length to access F connectors in deep or confined spaces.

Whether you're a security system professional or a DIY enthusiast, the CF8101 F Connector Removal Tool offers reliability and ease of use. The tool's specialized design allows for efficient removal of F connectors, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for your security systems. With this tool in your possession, you can confidently handle the challenges posed by high-density or hard-to-reach locations.

The CF8101 F Connector Removal Tool is built to withstand rigorous use, crafted from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended tasks. The tool's construction and precision-engineered blade allow for efficient and damage-free removal of F connectors, saving you time and effort.

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